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I do not believe these words can adequately express my transformation as a student, Yogi and most importantly, as a human being within the first 3 months under the tutelage of my Guru, BadriJi. BadriJi is a rare gem that embodies Ashtanga Yoga in every facet and a Yogi who personifies who a Guru really is; every day of my practice under BadriJi brings me a step closer towards "light and wisdom". As I strive each day to be a student worthy of my Guru, I'm reminded of these words: "The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away" As you've illuminated my path, I hope to do the same for others Your conviction, grace and integrity have strengthened mine.

I heard from my P.G. owner about Badri’s school. I wanted to learn Pranayama and took One week’s teaching from Badri. He taught me the Pranayamas perfectly with proper inhalation & exhalation. Earlier I did not know how to do deep breathing. Badri use to sit before me while doing pranayama and corrected me whenever I went wrong. Because of this I could learn pranayama in a very perfect way. He also taught me Kumbakas (holding the breath with proper counting) and do them correctly. I am very grateful to Badri for teaching me Uddiayana bandha which is very important while practicing Ashtanga. He is always charmful and a very good teacher. I have nothing negative to say.

Ms. Reina

Badri’s yoga school is the right school especially for the beginners who wants to learn Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga with proper breathing. He stands in front of u and makes u learn the positions and breathing perfectly. I use to practice the Asanas in a very haphazard way but Badri taught me the correct sequence. Earlier I use to get very impatient, but after practicing Yoga with Badri I felt very much relaxed. The reason for this is the way u breath while practicing the postures. I never use to breath while doing the postures but Badri made me learn the correct breathing. I am very thankful l for him. He is always have a smiling face and clarifies all your doubts in a very pleasing way. I am very much satisfied by his way of teaching.

Ms. Sumiko

I was very much interested in Ashtanga Yoga and came to Mysore with a purpose to learn Ashtanga. In the beginning I joined some school to learn Ashtanga but was not happy with the method of teaching as the students were not given much attention. I came to know about Badri’s Yoga school and joined with him immediately. On the first day’s practicing with him itself I understood that I joined the right school. Badri’s method of teaching is very impressive. He gives individual attention to each student. He corrects the positions and keeps on telling about the importance of breathing in Yoga and makes u to breath properly while practicing the Asanas. I found a homely atmosphere in the school. He takes lot of interest in his students and make them learn yoga in a right way.

Ms. Kay

As almost complete beginners, my wife and I spent about a month learning Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and Pranayama with Badri. Badri’s passion, dedication and patience in teaching us what we were ready to learn were an inspiration to us. He was always encouraging and respectful of our pace, but also keen to impart us with more of his knowledge. Gentle corrections and feedback with regards to breathing technique and timing were provided when needed and new positions added to our routine as we progressed. Badri’s gentle nature and his sense of duty as a teacher, made both my wife and I feel very fortunate to have met him and have had the opportunity to learn from him. We would highly and unreservedly recommend Badri and the Badri Yoga School to anyone with a genuine interest to learn Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and/or Pranayama from a very special human being.

Nic Porter
Sydney, Australia

I had no inclination towars yoga in the beginning. It is all because of my husband. He used to insist me always to join for yoga class. Being a working woman, I used to show him one hundred reasons why I cannot takeup the yoga course in the morning. However, after 4 years of my marriage, I had to join the yoga class, this time I had no excuse because the teacher is ready to teach me in the evening. Today after practicing for almost 8 years, I feel I took a worthwhile decision that day. Yes, I am true. I feel great to say that every day I practice yoga regularly. I am indeed very lucky to have Shri Badarinarayan (Badri) as my yoga teacher. His passion and patience to teach yoga, made students like me to live healthy. I was suffering from problems related to sinusitis since the age of 19 years. Now at the age of 39, I am out of this problem and the credit goes to yoga. Yoga has helped me live a peaceful life without much mental stress. It has made it easy for me to cope with problem related to the menstrual cycle. Yoga has helped e develop immunity against several health related problems

Dr. Usha Dharmaraj

I started practicing yoga during my college days, but I didn’t realise that I wasn’t actually doing yoga – I was stretching. I met my teacher Shri Badarinarayan (Badri) when I was participating in yoga competitions. He suggested some improvements in my yoga asanas. I was quite interested and tried to join the yoga classes conducted by Shri Badarinarayan (Badri) but succeeded only after 2 years. I feel very lucky to be one of the students of my teacher. He taught me true yoga and made me understand the importance of controlling the breath during asanas. Later, I participated in many state level yoga competitions and got most of the time, first place and all that credit goes to my beloved teacher. At the age of 44, I could remain physically and mentally fit because of yoga. My teacher has a great passion and dedication towards yoga and used to teach me the asanas without taking any course fee when he was in service. I am grateful to him for teaching me the best part of my life, namely, Yoga with pranayama.

Mr. Dharmaraj

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